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Products & Services

Fiberglass Surfaces

  • No cut feet/long lasting smooth finish

  • Easy start-up

  • Algae-resistant

  • Stain-resistant

  • Rebar rustproof

  • Fade-resistant colors

  • 2000+ installations

  • 15-year limited warranty

  • In-house technicians/no subs

Pools, Spas and Fountains

  • Our most popular product is the traditional white pool finish, which gives a pristine blue appearance when full of water.

  • Many colors available.

Tile Installation and Repair

  • Professionally install coping stones, brick or rock installed on your pool's edge.

  • Expert tile installation and re-design of dam wall.

  • Fiberglass backed tile installation for problem areas.

  • Tile repairs and state of the art mineral tile cleaning.

  • Deck caulking removed and installed.

  • Solutions for pools with structural tile problem.

Structural Crack Solutions

  • Kevlar reinforced crack repair 

  • Not brittle like cement based pool finishes.

  • Fiberglass is flexible, allowing for some movement.

  • More cost effective than re-structuring pool shell.

  • Easy to repair if cracks re-occur.


    Note: Although PS2000 has had great success with our structural crack repairs, no crack repairs are guaranteed. If by some chance movement should occur that causes a crack to re-appear, PS2000 can repair the crack for a nominal fee.

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